Club Documents

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Below are the key documents which should provide you with all the information you need on a variety of areas including, but not limited to: our policies, safeguarding and welfare procedures, and registering players.

Registration Guidance

Form A

This document provides guidance on completing forms for Tulse Hill JFC to register to play in the Tandridge League and to become a club member (Training only)

Welcome to Tulse Hill

Form B

This provides you with an introduction to the club, our committee, membership information for the new season, and fund raising information.

Club Constitution

Form C

This document outlines the constitution and rules of Tulse Hill Junior Football Club.

Child Protection Policy and Procedure

This outlines the club's child protection policy and procedure, in line with our responsibilities to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children.

Form D

Disciplinary Procedure

Outlines the club's disciplinary procedure.

Form E

Equal Opportunities Policy

Outlines the club's equal opportunities policy which aims to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect and that Tulse Hill Junior Football Club is equally accessible to all.

Form F

Manager's Code of Conduct

This document outlines the behaviour and commitment expected of all managers, coaches, and club officials at Tulse Hill Junior Football Club.

Form G

Parents and Spectators Code of Conduct

This document outlines the expectations the club sets for parents and spectators and the actions taken in the event that these are not met.

Form H

Player's Code of Conduct

This outlines the behaviour and commitment which Tulse Hill expects from it's players.

Form I

New Players Membership and Consent Form

This form must be completed for all new players wanting to join and train with Tulse Hill. Returning players who have already completed this form are required to fill in the returning players form below.

Form J

Returning Players Membership and Consent Form

This form must be completed for all players returning to Tulse Hill looking to renew their membership for the next season.

Form J

Volunteer Application Form

This form is to be completed by all those looking to volunteer with club.

Form M

Coaches Guides

Form N

Outlines what the club expect of coaching staff, in addition to that which is outlined in the Manager's Code of Conduct.


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